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The Supreme Urban Heavenly Master summary:

Summary: The common people only know of ‘Lu Ban‘s Book*,’ but they most certainly don’t know about ‘Gong Shu’s Book’ that they are one and the same/that they can be traced to the same origin. The greatest heavenly master steps foot into the mortal world. He embraces a beautiful woman in his arms and mind, what’s more stirs up some trouble in a big city thousands of miles away. Adapted from the novel, ‘The Millenial Heavenly Master,’ with new chapters released every Wednesday and Saturday.
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Chapter 8 7,742 1 day ago
Chapter 7 14,135 Feb 26,20
Chapter 6 11,162 Feb 26,20
Chapter 5 20,671 Feb 09,20
Chapter 4 21,769 Feb 01,20
Chapter 3 23,455 Jan 23,20
Chapter 2 29,026 Jan 06,20
Chapter 1 36,891 Dec 24,19
Chapter 0 25,300 Dec 11,19
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